MNHS Orchestra Parents Group

The Orchestra Parents Group helps make the concerts memorable by providing decorations, treat bags, chaperoning, events, snack donations and leading section hosting.

Your participation is appreciated by MNHS and the students. If you would like to participate, the group meets at MNHS prior to the first concert. Please look forward to an email that will be sent to all parents. There will also be an announcement on the homepage of and in the calendar.

If you are unable to participate, you can donate snacks or contribute money for concert days. Before each concert a Sign-Up Genius link will be sent via email and will be posted on the front page of, as well as a link in the calendar for the concert that day.

Decorations and treat bags:

Freshmen’s first orchestra concert.
Our orchestra students put on amazing concerts, and we like to celebrate their accomplishments with goody bags distributed beforehand.  Students really appreciate this gesture – last year the bags included things like pens, bookmarks, and snacks.

  • We’ll need a few people to organize and solicit donations.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to use your imagination!
  • Contact the committee chair soon to be announced.

Seniors’ last concert.
Usually banners with senior pictures, honoring seniors last concert.

  • Help putting together banners and the displays.
  • New ideas are welcome!
  • Contact the committee chair soon to be announced.


When you see events at a remote location and students are required to meet at MNHS, then they will ride a bus to the event and chaperones will be needed.

  • The event details will be in an email sent by Mrs. Martinez and available under the news or calendar section of Contact Mrs Martinez at if you’re available.
  • You’ll be given a list of students that will ride with you on a bus and we’ll need you to take attendance to and from the event.
  • These are good kids, so it’s an easy task and we can always use an extra set of eyes.


Football concessions (games at the MSHS football field):
Pull items to give customers or be a cashier. Usually there are 5 or more students helping, but an extra adult or two is helpful.

  • Our stand will be the one to your right when you enter. Tell the person checking bracelets that you are working concessions, so you don’t have to pay.
  • Volunteer by completing the Sign-Up Genius link sent by email and posted in the news and calendar section of the

Donate snacks with sign up genius. The link will be in an email and posted under the news and calendar section of Chaperons are helpful and it’s a chance to meet other orchestra parents.

Year End Carnival and concert.
A concert for parents and grade school children to see what they could aspire too. After the concert we host small a carnival to make it fun for the kids. You can volunteer in the following ways:

  • Help organize and set up the carnival event.
  • Make a list of games, and spaces needed in the cafeteria.
  • Set up the morning of the carnival (there will be students available to help).
  • Donate a game for one time use in the carnival.
  • Provide input with any ideas you may have.


Donate snacks presented at the end of concerts.
Links to sign up genius for each concert is sent by email and are posted at

  • Bring the donated snacks to the cafeteria when you arrive for the concert.
  • Setting up tables for snacks, drinks and napkins on concert nights (sign up genius has volunteer categories).
  • Sometimes parents decorate the tables, which is nice.

Concert Programs: Design concert programs.
Whether you’re a graphic artist or someone who just enjoys making creative designs, a little flair to the concert program is always a nice addition!
Contact Mrs Martinez at

Mrs. Martinez likes to post a few pictures from events on
If you’ve taken a few pictures that you’d like to share, send them to Mrs. Martinez at

Section Hosts:
Section hosts work with our Student Social and Section Leader Teams to provide and coordinate venues, food, and activities for students to make meaningful connections with other students who play the same instrument. Volunteer to be a section host at the Orchestra Parents Group meeting, soon to be announced. We need Section Hosts for 2 – 4 section events/year for the following groups:

  • Philharmonic Violin I (20 students)
  • Philharmonic Violin II (20 students)
  • Symphony Violin I (20 students)
  • Symphony Violin II (20 students)
  • Chamber Violin I (14 students)
  • Chamber Violin II (18 students)
  • Violas – all orchestra (40 students)
  • Cellos – all orchestra (40 students)
  • Basses – all orchestra (13 students)