Instrumental Maintenance Advice

Part of having a good sound is having a reliable instrument that you maintain!  Check out this InstrumentMaintenance PowerPoint for instrument maintenance advice!

BOWS – REHAIR *Mrs. Martinez recommends most students should get their bows rehaired every 1 to 2 years.  See below for more information:

When should you get your bow rehaired?  David Hawthorne states: “Many professionals who rehearse and practise every day have their bows rehaired every six months or so. Students typically get it done once a year, and casual players require it even less frequently. If a player has more than one bow, they may rehair each bow less often because they are using it less frequently while they play their other bows.” ( 

Jutta Walcher states:   “To give an idea of the time frame when a bow should be rehaired, I can only say that it depends on how many hours it was played for, and what kind of repertoire was being played. I see some of my customers every three months, whereas others manage to keep going for two years or more. There are several indicators for when the next rehair may be due:

* when you notice that you have to apply more and more rosin. This shows that the hair is simply worn out and has lost its grip.
* if the hairs are breaking at a more frequent rate. Do not let it get to the point where you end up playing on the wood instead.
* if the hair has shortened so that it is impossible to relax the tension fully. Again, visit your bow maker. A drop in humidity can bring this on, which tends to happen in the winter months, especially in places like Norway. This may be potentially dangerous for the bow, as the strain on the head could cause it to snap off.
* if the hair has stretched a lot. Have it checked by your bow maker. It may be down to a change in humidity or the wedge inside the frog may have slipped.”