Orchestra Concert

Orchestra Concert

November 30, 2023

Nov. 30 - 7 p.m

We appreciate donations of refreshments for our post-concert celebration. You can check out a (very) rough draft of the program here.

Perfume/cologne - Performers, please avoid applying perfume or cologne for concerts. Some of our students have sensitivity to strong odors. This, coupled with the bright, hot lights on stage, can cause some to pass out. The general rule is to follow typical hygiene practices (bathing, deodorant, etc.) but not to add any additional perfumes or cologne that may trigger a reaction from your fellow musicians.

Reminder About Concert Attendance - Orchestra is a co-curricular activity, meaning it is considered an academic class (curricular) that has requirements outside of the school day (co-curricular). Several of our orchestra students are engaged in sports, work, and other extracurricular activities. In the event of a conflict, the orchestra concert takes precedence because it is the outcome of our academic work.

School Attendance on concert days - students must attend at least 4 classes on the day of the concert in order to participate. For example - if a student needs to rest, then feels better, they need to attend periods 1-4 or 4-7 to perform at the concert. However, if a student stays home the entire day, even if they feel better for the concert, they are not allowed to attend. Hopefully everyone is happy and healthy next week! If there is an illness/emergency, parents/legal guardians must email or call Mrs. Martinez to notify her of the absence.

Millard North High School - Auditorium

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